Everything you need to know about selling or trading-in your Apple watch

 When a new apple watch hits the shelves, you might consider selling or trading in your old apple watch so that you can buy a new Apple watch, that you have been meaning to buy for quite a while now. To the relief of most apple watch owners, the majority of the data of the apple watch is already there on your iPhone, so you might not find it very complicated to prepare your old apple watch for sale.

Here’s how you can prepare your old apple watch for sale?

If you are still using your apple watch quite proactively then you might need to follow the following steps till you have the new apple watch in your possession. If you don’t follow these steps then you run a very high risk of breaking your activity streaks along with other records by having days between when you last sync your present apple watch and set up an entirely new apple watch. If you are not currently using the apple watch in the question then you can easily get it ready for either a sale or a trade-in at any point in time, without running the slightest bit of risk of losing any data in any way whatsoever. 

Here’s how you can unpair your apple watch and make a backup

When you use your iPhone’s Watch app to unpair your apple watch, then it will easily and automatically sync all the latest data from your apple watch before restoring all the factory settings. This is actually one of the best ways to save all of your recent data you are in the process of preparing your old apple watch for the purpose of selling it or trading it at the Apple watch buyback program.

Here’s how you can finish preparing your apple watch for sale or trade-in

Once you have successfully managed to reset the software of your old apple watch, then it is time to look for the best ways to sell it or trade it in. For trading it in, no other option is better than the Apple watch buyback program. 

  • Clean the casing:- Whether you plan to sell, give it away or trade it in, you will need to clean the casing along with the bundle cords, so that the process is seamless and you won’t have to face any uncomfortable questions from the buyers. It is very important to clean up the casing. It is very important for you to clean the casing whether you plan to sell the apple watch or trade it in by using apple watch buyback program. You should always endeavor to make the best of the present situation of your apple watch. You should approach with extreme caution and then wipe the watch with a damp cloth to make sure that all the dirt, oil, lint, debris, and stains are removed from all areas of the apple watch that you intend to sell or either trade it in.

  • Collect bands as well as cables:- If you intend to sell the apple watch on your own, then you absolutely must include the magnetic charger along with the AC adapter. You can also check if you have the original box and include it in the package if you have it. If and when you do so, it will surely give you a very good edge over the other sellers that are trying to sell their own apple watches in the market. 

Here’s how you can sell your apple watch for the best possible price

The rules for selling your old apple watch are actually pretty similar to selling your iPhone. You can either consider the option of selling it on your own or you can consider using Apple watch buyback programs for trading in the phone. When you use Apple watch buyback programs, you stand a chance to get store credit for your apple watches. There are other options in the market which provide better trade-in rates than Apple watch buyback programs, but it usually boils down to the size of the watch, the features of the watch, and most importantly, the single biggest factor, being the condition of the watch that you are intending to sell or trade-in. If you don’t want to get store credit by using Apple watch buyback programs and instead want to sell the watch outright on your own then you can look at options like eBay, Craigslist, and even Facebook Marketplace. 

The Bottom Line

There you have it, that was everything you needed to know about selling or trading in your old apple watch and to get the best possible deal while you are it. If you intend to sell the old apple watch, then you must not wait, because the more you wait, the more the value of the apple watch will depreciate further. It is a norm for Apple to announce new variants of apple watches sometime in September, so the best time to sell your watch would be before September because once the new apple watch has been launched in the market, the value of your old apple watch will begin depreciating. Whether you plan to get store credit or cash, the best way would be to wait for the most opportune time so that you are able to get the best value of the watch that you are intending to sell.

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