Benefits Of Digital QR Code Business Card & Ways To Use Them

 Aikyaam is a leading online platform to offer you electronic business cards that can make your brand distinguishable. If you want to replace your traditional cards made from paper or plastic, designing a unique digital QR code business card can be a good way to start with.

Creating a business card with a QR code can increase the traffic on your company’s website, improve social media presence, and boost search engine visibility. I am writing this post to ensure that my readers are aware of the advantages of using QR codes so they can implement them in their businesses. 

Also, if you want to know how to use QR codes for making the most out of your business cards, read this post till the end. 

What are the Beneficial Features of Business Cards Having QR Codes?

Digital QR codes are included in various applications like apps, business cards, e-commerce websites, and several other industrial purposes. They are widely used due to the following benefits:

  • Easy-to-Use & Error-Free

QR codes are easy to scan and access the link or website for which they are designed specifically. If you compare them with URL or any other tracking link, QR code doesn’t require typing any text. 

While accessing a website, you need to search for the particular name that is a time-consuming process and can generate errors if typed incorrectly. Using a digital QR code, you can eliminate such possibilities and enjoy fast access without any error. 

  • Space Saving & More Informative

Many of you may think of QR codes as random designs that are not visually appealing, but they are ideal for space-saving digital cards. If you consider business cards that are made from PVC or traditional paper, there is a limited space to provide contact details and other information. 

Adding any extra text to your plastic business cards can look unprofessional or turn out to be a more expensive option while printing them. Whereas using a digital QR code business card allows you to include unlimited rich content about your company without consuming much space.

  • Lower Costs & Carbon Footprint 

One of the major benefits of using QR codes is to reduce the printing costs and save a considerable amount for your business. Comparing to paper or plastic cards, QR codes don’t require a huge investment for creating or maintaining them. 

Another major advantage that a digital QR code or aCard from Aikyaam can offer is to reduce the use of printed materials and encourage eco-friendly practices. You can design unique QR codes that can be scanned by your clients to check out business cards, brochures, product catalogs, magazines, and much more.    

What Ways QR Codes can be Used in Business Cards?

Below are some effective ways to use digital QR codes in businesses.

  • Website and Email

You can allow your customers or clients to access your company’s website or sign-up page through scanning QR codes. Another way to use QR codes is to enable sending emails or providing a call-to-action feature. This way you can monitor the performance and response rate of your emails in an effective way.

  • Communication and Marketing

QR code business cards can help many clients or business partners who prefer to send direct messages or contact via calls. You can use QR codes for SMS marketing, better customer support, sales or billing purposes, on-request app installation or upgrades, and more. 

  • Social Media and Business Location

Using QR codes to drive followers to your business’s social media channels and networking websites can be excellent in many ways. It will allow them to connect with your business online or scanning the address for in-person visits.  

Your clients can access your website, social media links, products, or contact details through a digital QR code business card on any device connected to the Internet. To design your digital business card with a unique QR code, you can visit to know the features and pricing details.  

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