What do your favorite flowers symbolize?

Be it a little kid or an old man; everyone loves flowers regardless of their age or gender. Flowers are such beautiful creatures that they are loved by all, whether animals, insects, or human beings. All the insects such as bees, butterflies, and moths love the flowers for nectar. Human beings love flowers for all the positive connotations attached to flowers. We all know that flowers have a wide range of uses in our daily life. We use them to decorate our houses. We use them while worshipping. We use them for their medicinal benefit. We send flowers to our near ones on various occasions to add more grace to the occasion as flowers act as a wonderful gift for every occasion, be it a new beginning such as the birth of an infant or the event of two people tying their knots together. We have flowers to accompany us at every phase of our life, be it during school days or on graduation day, or even during the last rites. Let us try to know what our favorite flowers say so that the next time we choose to give flowers to someone, we can pick flowers on the basis of what they symbolize. 


Lotus is a popular flower that grows in mud and swampy areas. Everyone knows the lovely petals of lotus never get dirty by the mud in which it grows; it is for this reason that lotus is associated with the notion of purity of heart and thoughts. They are also a symbol of regeneration; they are also associated with prosperity and good fortune, and that is the reason why they are offered to Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth in the Indian culture. 


No doubt all flowers are delicate and fragile and must be handled with care, but the blooms of carnations are one of a kind because their petals are as soft as a tissue. They are extremely fragile. It is this fragility that makes them so elegant. Carnations bloom across various shades like white, pink, and yellow. You may offer them to indicate how much you love a person. Carnations are also offered as a symbol of remembrance. 


A lilies flower bouquet can be one of the most cheerful gifts that you can offer to someone. These lovely blooms are available in different species that grow in various shades, owing to the various shades; there are different values attached to each flower. Traditionally lilies have been associated with the incidence of fertility. Greek mythology popularized lilies for their ability to give birth and lead to new beginnings in life. 


For a very long time, people have associated lovely blooms of salvia with healing. This elegant bloom is admired for its fragrance. Depending upon its shades, it can be used to pass on different messages. Red salvia says you are forever mine to the recipient, while a blue one most famous for its healing abilities is offered to indicate to the recipient that you had been thinking of them. 


Rhododendrons grow well in sunny areas. They can add brightness to their surroundings. Vibrant blooms of rhododendrons have been associated with cheerfulness, happiness, and liveliness, but during old times people use them as a symbol of caution. Finding a rhododendron was an indication of someone warning the person about a mishappening or something dangerous. 


Being a symbol of peace and tranquillity, the enticing blooms of poppy have been associated with serenity. The meaning of poppies to someone can vary across various cultures. In some countries, poppies are associated with extravagance, success, and luxury. A pink poppy indicates imagination, while a red one would mean remembrance. In the West red poppy is associated with death, and a white one is offered for peace. 

Flowers have a soothing effect on the minds and hearts of people. They are believed to be associated with happiness, prosperity, and hope. Simple online flower delivery can do wonders if you are looking forward to giving flowers to important people in your life. After all, flowers are no less than a blessing. 

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