The Best 3 Logo Makers to Create Your Logo Online

Suppose you own a company, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter account, or otherwise, and you want to create a logo for you or your activity for free. In that case, this topic is for you, as you will learn how to create a logo without installing programs easily. For free, of course, unlike what you think, the process does not necessarily require a graphic designer. Still, you can create your logo through a free site within a few seconds. This article will show information about how to create your logo with 3 recommend tools.

The logo is used to define the company’s activity or the entity of the person as it must consist of attractive graphics or pictures that show the activity of the page, the company, or the person. Therefore, if you want to create a professional logo, learn no further about this post.

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How to create your logo in the best 3 logo makers

How does DesignEvo work for you?

First, go to the website and click Make a Free Logo. After that, you will now go to the first step in creating the logo. DesignEvo has more than 10,000 logo templates, searches for the most appropriate template for your niche, and can search for a specific industry through the search box. For example, if you choose a technically appropriate logo for your website, you can move to the logo modification page after clicking on it.

You can now edit the sentence written on the logo to include your company or page name. After typing the company or page name, the font can be modified through a side menu in which you will find dozens of types of fonts. If you clicked Atr, you would be taken to the set of colored fonts that you can choose from, and to go back to the regular fonts, click on Classic. You can move the logo up or down by placing the mouse pointer on it and moving it in any direction. You can also move the text as desired with the mouse. You can also add text to the logo by clicking Add Logo, then typing the text. After that, move the text and place it where you want it.

You can add a logo icon that suits your activity to make it attractive and expressive of purpose, and to do so, click on the ICON option. You will now see a wide range of different icons in many fields, so choose the right one for your logo, and you will go to all the icons related to this shape to choose what suits you. After choosing the right icon for you, move it to the logo and place it in the appropriate place.

After completing all the settings, save the logo by pressing “Download” to download the logo to your device immediately. The logo can be stored directly in your email by clicking “Save.” The logo will be saved in your email immediately, but this requires creating an account on the site.

You can also, dear reader, return to the site’s home page and start creating a new logo in a different way and another field because the site does not require maximum usage, and you can create a large number of logos.

Oberlo site to create a professional logo for free

A professional logo designer Oberlo is easy to use, with the ability to switch between its beautiful icons and its multiple options that suit the website, blog, and brand name of Away because it allows you to create the logo you want for free. You only need to choose the brand name. Designed in the colors and sizes you want.

First, go to the website. And then click Generate logo. Enter your logo name or store name and click on Your Store Name. When writing the name of the logo in your name, do not forget to choose the color and when choosing the logo without programs, choose at the bottom side of the logo, asking you to send an email and make it to your knowledge. You can download and create a professional logo for free in an unlimited quantity.

Hatchful Logo Creation Website

You can create a free professional logo without software using just the Hatchful platform, and you’ll also be able to choose templates and create professional designs. Because it is smooth and you can deal with it without any experience or knowledge of programming or anything else, follow all the steps to create your logo.

First, go to its homepage and click Start. The logotype has been chosen, like, artistic, technical, or catering.

Your visual style has been chosen.

The brand name logo was chosen.

It tells the website where to use the logo.

According to your choice, choose one to start downloading. You can choose another logo at any time.


After you have reviewed the way of making a logo without programs, you can now create many logos, whether for your page, activity, Facebook page, or YouTube channel, with ease and speed, as you noticed from the previous explanation. As it does not require much experience, but through a few steps, you will get a very distinctive professional logo without the need for a professional designer who will ask you a lot of money.

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