Do you want more views from YouTube? 4 following main tips

Here is the situation: for some time now you have posted YouTube videos, and you don’t realize that you haven’t skyrocketed your audience. It is not odd, and people wonder how they can continuously raise their video views. It tells you something about yourself that you read this article at present – that you want to take things into your own hands, and that is a positive sign.


Here is the situation: for some time now you have posted YouTube videos, and you don’t realize that you haven’t skyrocketed your audience. It is not odd, and people wonder how they can continuously raise their video views. Some people look at low spectator numbers and use it as a reason to give up, but the thing about you that you read this article right now — that you want to take it yourself and that’s a positive sign.


1: Identify A Target Audience

“Target audience” is a term frequently referred to in advertisement and commercial matters — and there is a good explanation of why advertisers are so keen to determine the correct target audience. It’s clear logic: you must show the people who enjoy seeing it if you want to see something. Or another way to see it: by designing your content to meet the desires of those who watch them, you will maximize your views.


I need to ask myself a few questions if I want to create a series of comedy sketches. I want to join which age group? What kind of humor does this age group enjoy? What are they going to find interesting subjects? How can these people find the videos they’re looking at? These questions are answered in order to help me customize my videos to those people I wish to view. For your videos, you can do the same.


2: Maintain Consistent Quality

They say initial impressions are everything, and the world of YouTube views is amazingly real. I can’t count how many I opened a video and got out because of a severe quality shortcoming. One thing is to make someone open your video; it is another thing to keep them crouched to the end. However, they are curious enough to see the rest of your videos? That’s when the views begin to ascend.


A number of factors may indicate quality:


Quality of video. Whatever the importance of your material, they will not hang around until nobody can find out what it means. At least 480p attempt, but 720p nowadays tends to be the standard with 1080p as the cultivated cream.


Value of manufacture. It’s all about making a video sound polished. Edit videos and delete intros that are too long, remove dead air from scene to scene, use the right lighting and audio capture equipment, and only add postproduction effects if needed.


Metadata. Metadata. Using eye-catching names, correct video descriptions, and tags to enhance exposure. Don’t risk baiting your audience because they’re going to do more damage than good. Be real, but don’t sell short for yourself.


Timetable for release. If it isn’t usual, one day or one every two weeks if you don’t bring your videos out of the schedule, so your subscribers start to ask where you went. Divine focus, on the other hand, gives the impression that you are serious and devoted to your content. You will lose viewers if you do not follow a release plan.


3: Interlink Your Videos

Ever wonder why the big names on YouTube like loading their videos here and there with annotations? The explanation is that interconnecting videos is one of the strongest means of rising exposure. It is a tactic that is often used on websites (we use this strategy here in MakeUseOf) and it is seen that visibility counts are increased. There is a reason why large names rely so much on their annotation links.


Dream about it. Think about it. You have a YouTube account that contains all the videos you made. Someone can run a search query on Google and eventually click on a link to your video. They are already looking at your content at this point, so why not take an annotation in the lower corner to another of your videos? Now one view has been converted into two views. Interconnects build a web of content that attracts viewers. If you don’t use it, you will miss several future views.

4: Create Public Playlists

This tip is a kind of continuation of the last tip. Annotations are the clear way to link videos, but playlists are less distractive, more structured, and finally beneficial for people searching your videos when you ask me. Furthermore, viewers appear to disable annotations on YouTube anyway.


You may make use of a playlist in a few ways:


Material of the sequence. If you create a series of teachings or have divided a wide video into more than one section, a playlist will hold it in the right order in the same place. Viewers who find a single video can quickly view the rest of the videos and if they skip right down to the center, they can go in one click to the very first video.


Content topical. If you make videos covering a range of subjects, playlists are a great way to keep all of them apart. This helps them to access all the videos which are of interest to them without irritation if someone stumbles through your videos for gardening but doesn’t care about your cooking series

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