Manali with the family’s best stuff


1. Trekking 

Trekking is one of the easiest ways to relax and appreciate nature’s beauty. Don’t forget to press your cameras once in a lifetime. Wear good trekking shoes and proper clothing for enjoyable walking together in the nature lap.

Select a way that will be loved by all members of your family. Trekking gives you a sense of nature. Bear in mind that Manali provides trekking options from day trips to weekly walks. If you take a longer walk, you will be able to enjoy your camping and connect with the local people.

You can contact any organizer who has experience in this area and start your adventure depending on your hiking tour. The following circuits are eligible to choose from:

• Trek Beas Kund: provides stunning views over snow-covered glaciers and mountains

• Waterfall Trek Vashisht Jogini: a simple 3 Km walk along Beas River and Manali’s scenic settings

• Lake Trek Bhrigu: One of the hardest trekking in winter at 14,100 ft.

Deo Tibba Base Camp Hike: This trek of 37 kilometers to the white mountains and Alpine forests is not meant for the faint-hearted.

• Baralacha Chandratal Lake Trek: for experienced trekkers only as it concerns the crossing of high altitude glacial water bodies. It begins at the Chandra River and ends at the Bhaga River Source.

• Friendship Peak: provides a trekking experience at 5289 m above sea level.

• Trek to Hampta Pass: provides Ladakh-like views and experiences.

The cost depends on your route and the number of days you need to finish the trek. You can pick your own route if you are not looking for helpful trekking. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words: “Don’t follow where the way can lead, “Go where no road is and leave a trail.’ Instead.

2. Paragliding

Did you ever want to fly from mountain to mountain? Dream you ever of seeing stunning landscapes from a bird’s eye? Would you like to witness electrification? It’s time to take a leap of faith and enjoy the ecstasy gliding pleasure. Perhaps it would be one of the most adventurous things you ever did.

In any of the famous places in Manali will contact you and your family members (14 and older) a travel operator who conducts this event and prepares a book for the adventure:

• Valley of Solang •

• Passport Rohtang.

• Birch charging •

• Gulaba or Marhi

This can be achieved alone or in tandem in Manali. Paragliding costs can depend on your kit. The real cost depends on your kit, standard Short Flight (2-5 minutes and 100-150 m above sea level), Medium Flight (3-7 minutes), and High Flight (for 20-30 minutes). The rates can be between Rs 500 and Rs 2000. Additions such as the selection for a cable car or a gondola and equipment such as a GoPro camera to capture the flight experience can also increase the cost. The season can also change.

For paragliding, your tour operators can supply you with a professionally inspected glider, helmet, and harness. You are also directed by an English-speaking pilot. Please notice that the maximum weight allowed for the participant is 100 kg and that you have to wear appropriate footwear and comfortable clothes.

3. Mountain Biking

The beautiful snow-capped mountains and the dense forests of Manali you can enjoy with your family can also be explored with other choices. One such thing to do in Manali is mountain biking. From Manali, visit the Naggar Fortress, Rhala Falls, or the Village of Rhumsu, or explore other unexplored lands. It’s very convenient to rent the bikes and return the bikes after a negotiable security deposit. Tours and tours are also arranged by the promoters. So either you can join them or you can fly yourself. The costs are normally Rs 500 to rent a bike for one day.

It is recommended to bring an extra couple of clothes and a camera to the unforgettable activity to click on photographs or images.

4. River Rafting

How does one miss the popular experience of river rafting as we experience adrenaline pumping? The excitement of river rafting in Manali will help you plan a return trip soon, as you can experience it with your mates. The Beas provides the best conditions for river rafting and water stretches. The river is very steady for around 20 km in Manali’s surroundings with its source in Rohtang Pass, with a range of rafting delights.

In grade 2 start-ups can be attended near Raison and Babeli for the first time, where the expedition is made for around 3 km on the river. Grade 2, but only on small stretches, has tough waters. Grades 3 and 4 near the Pirdi area are advisable for experienced explorers. It’s about 7 km long here. You will taste the white foam in Grade 3 around the waters and instantly fall into it. In Grade 4, waves and even rocks are totally unexpected.

Although river rafting is open all year round in Manali except the monsoon season, this adventure in June and July is advisable. To enjoy this sport near Bajaura you can contact any Bhuntar adventure operator on the route Manali or Pardi. River rafting is usually included in the price in different packages including overnight lodging, food, and other activities including fire. The costs of an expedition for simple rafting are generally between Rs 500 and Rs 1000.

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