Why is the world going-gaga over Arabica coffee

Out of all the coffee variants available in the market in today’s day and age, Arabica coffee is believed by many to be the best of the best and the cream of the crop. Arabica coffee is used as a selling point for many coffees out there. Because of their popularity, it comes as no surprise that Arabica coffee is priced much higher than other types of coffees available in the market. Arabica coffee is considered to be a lot more superior to Robusta and this is very apparent in how Arabica coffee tastes. Most people who have tasted Arabica coffee will agree that it is a lot smoother and very less acidic in comparison to other types of coffees out there. It is believed that the best Arabica coffee grows around 6000 feet above the sea level though the optimal altitude depends on the location’s proximity to the equator..

What are the different varieties of Arabica coffee beans?

Arabica coffee beans are mostly of two types, they are either typica or they are bourbon. Typica is very famous all around the world for its fine cup quality. On the other end of the spectrum are the bourbon varieties that are have a little more complex aromas. Bourbon variety of the Arabica coffee is known around the world for its distinctive sweetness which makes it immensely popular amongst coffee lovers around the world.

What are the different benefits of Arabica coffee?

One of the single biggest benefits of Arabica coffee is that it is very rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E. This means that Arabica coffee can easily reduce the risk of different diseases and infections. Arabica coffee doesn’t really grows in many parts of the world which means many countries identify themselves as Arabica coffee importer to meet the rising demands of Arabica coffee in their countries. 

The demand, consumption and popularity of Arabica coffee is highly justified because it doesn’t just taste good but it is also very good for health. It is very rich in vitamins like Vitamins B, potassium as well as magnesium. 

There have been many reports backed by scientific search which suggest that drinking 3 cups of Arabica coffee on the daily can significantly improve a person’s lifespan. Arabica coffee is linked to reducing the risk of death. Further, drinking Arabica coffee on the daily also means that users are very less likely to suffer from a wide range of conditions like heart diseases. 

All these factors combined and compounded have made Arabica the world’s most demanded coffee. People don’t mind paying top-dollar for Arabica coffee and its demand all over the world has seen many countries turning Arabica coffee importer. The health benefits alone merit a serious look at Arabica coffee because it has been found to be effective in lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes as well as preventing dementia along with reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


The Bottom Line

Arabica coffee is single-handedly considered to be the highest-graded coffee in the world. Most beans of coffee to have received specialty status are of the Arabica species but that being said not all Arabica beans are specialty. It needs to be noted that not all Arabica coffee species will have a specialty status however coffee made from Arabica beans will often be more satisfying to drink than most types of commercial grade coffee. Arabica coffee has millions of fans around the world because it is believed to be coffee in the most delicious form imaginable and possible. 


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