Biking in Batanes: Explore the breathtaking beauty of Batanes!

With several restrictions still in place on international travel plus the agitating travel advisories, travelers have started to prefer nearer holiday options and safer transportation modes. This has led to the growth of bike tourism during the pandemic. So, we are here to help you plan your next bike tour in the Philippines. We recommend that you travel to Batanes, for it boasts some of the best biking trails in The Philippines!

Biking in Batanes:


Expect postcard-perfect views of the rolling hills and mountains, rugged cliffs, verdant pastures, lighthouses, stone houses, pristine beaches as well as breathtaking coastline views as you bike around Batanes. Its characteristic windy weather (because of which this archipelago is referred to as the ‘Home of the Winds’) is quite refreshing and lends its share in making your biking tour in Batanes more memorable. Believe us, biking in Batanes is overwhelmingly rewarding!    

Where is Batanes and how to get there?


Batanes is the northernmost (also the smallest) island province of the Philippines situated in the Cagayan Valley region, northeast of Luzon Island. This archipelagic province is made up of 10 volcanic islands, out of which only three are inhabited. The raw natural beauty of this island is often compared to Scotland and earned Batanes the nickname of ‘Scotland of the East! March to June (dry months) is considered the best time to visit this place and enjoy biking in Batanes  


The only way to reach this isolated island province is by means of flights. Daily flights to Basco (Batanes’ capital city) from Manila, Clark, Cebu, Davao and other Philippine cities are operated by popular airlines like Philippine Airlines, Sky Jet, etc. If you wish to travel to Batanes from other countries, you need to first fly to Manila or Cebu or Clark or Davao, and then take domestic flights from there.  

Biking in Batanes: Two most popular biking tours 

Batan Island Loop/ South Batan tour:


This 40-kilometer biking trail that begins at Basco passes through the towns of Mahatao, Ivana, and Uyugan all the way to Marlboro Country. This biking tour in Batanes takes at least 5-6 hours, so rent a mountain bike a day before and start early in the morning the following day. Follow the steep coastal road flanked by towering cliffs on one side and the vast blue sea on the other side. Take in the surrounding natural scenery, feel the crisp sea breeze, and fully enjoy biking in Batanes! Some of the well-known landmarks along the way are 


  • House of Dakay
  • Ivana Church 
  • Homoron Blue Lagoon
  • Ruins of Songsong
  • Alapad Rock Formation 
  • Racuh-a-Payaman (Marlboro Hills)
  • Tayid Lighthouse
  • Diura fishing village

North Batan tour:

North Batan biking tour takes you along the mountain roads that offer spectacular views of Batanes’ natural and man-made attractions. You’ll be riding uphill and downhill and then uphill again and so on, but we are sure biking in Batanes is not as tiring as you think it would be! Ride at a slow pace appreciating the raw beauty of this place. Stop at the below places to chill out!


  • Wayang Rolling Hills
  • Basco Lighthouse
  • Chadpidan Boulder Beach
  • Naidi Hills
  • Japanese Tunnels
  • Fundacion Pacita
  • Valugan Boulder Beach
  • Tukon Hills 
  • Mount Carmel Chapel
  • Mahatao Shelter Port


                              If you wish to see more of Batanes on two wheels, go biking around Sabtang Island, which can be reached by taking a boat ride from Ivana town. The best places to check out while biking the Sabtang Island are Savidug Village, Chavayan The village,  Chamantad viewpoint, Sabtang Lighthouse, Nakabuang beach, Sumnanga The village, etc. Whichever tour you decide to go on, Batanes never disappoints, and you’ll love the experience of biking in Batanes!

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