Track lost android phones using the best tracker apps

No one wants to lose their cellphone device these days. Mobile phones and tablets are necessary and valuable devices for everyone. Nowadays, people store private data on their mobile devices because they can connect their devices with cyberspace all the time. Furthermore, losing an android phone can cast anyone huge losses and privacy breaches. Therefore, to avoid losing your cell phone, you can use tracker apps for android to track lost cellphones.

What are tracking apps? 

It is a kind of software that you can use on cellphone devices connected to cyberspace. It enables users to track GPS location, messages, chat, phone calls, and many more. This kind of tracking tool can let you know about the pinpoint location of your lost or theft devices on its control panel. 

Android tracking apps are one of the most popular applications that empower you to spy cellphones of your child or activity. Moreover, track employee’s business-owned devices during working hours.


Today we are discussing the best tracking apps for android in the business these days. Here are the tracking apps that parents and employers need to know. 

TheOneSpy cell phone tracking app

It is the best spyware for android for parents and employers. It enables users to get access to the target cellphone device to track lost or theft mobile devices. It allows parents to protect their teen’s privacy to the fullest. You can further use it to track live cellphone calls, messages, and GPS locations without rooting the target device. It only takes 3 minutes to complete its configuration and further lets you track the pinpoint location of your child’s hidden whereabouts. It can monitor the GPS location of an android device without GPS and using SMS sent and received on the target device. Users can also track the route map of the target device to the fullest.


  • Track your lost android phone real-time location
  • Remotely remove lost android data with TheOneSpy
  • Get the location history of your lost device
  • Get real-time and pinpoint location without GPS 


OgyMogy mobile tracker 

OgyMogy is the most advanced mobile tracker for android. It has dozens of features that enable users to monitor and track cellphone devices to the fullest and provide you results via its secure web control panel. You can use it to monitor android phones and tablets for digital parenting and employee monitoring. You can stay on top of your loved one’s behavior using OgyMogy. It has features that allow you to track your lose phone pinpoint location, location history, and real-time location of the target person’s whereabouts.  

Here are the following features of the OgyMogy mobile tracker for android that you need to know.

  • Track live calls 
  • Control android cameras, microphone, and GPS location 
  • spy social messaging apps logs 
  • Monitor location history 
  • Monitor sent and received messages 
  • Find out your lost phone location 


Flexispy tracking software 

Flexispy ranked third in our best phone tracking apps list. It is the most expensive application that a layman cannot afford to monitor kids and employees. The application is well-built and has many mobile tracking features. It works on both android and iOS devices and empowers you to know about the exact and live location of the target device.

You can install one of the best tracking apps for android within a short time if you are tech-savvy. The application features to spy on kid’s online activities and further equally beneficial for tracking employee business-owned devices. It works in the background and doesn’t let the target device user that someone is watching his/her cellphone activities.

Here are the following features of the Flexispy tracker that you need to know. You can use the following features for digital parenting and keep tabs on your employees. Moreover, track the location of your lost phone with efficiency. 


  • Record and listen to mobile calls
  • Bug microphones and cameras of a cellphone
  • The call interception feature is exceptional
  • monitor social media apps in real-time
  • Track GPS location history
  • Read messages sent and received on an android
  • View and monitor installed applications


TheOneSpy is one of the best tracking applications that enable users to track lost/theft android to the fullest. It ranked No.1` in our list because of easy installation, cheap price, and real-time location monitoring tools.

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