Pawna Lake Trek

 Region:- Lonavala, Maharashtra Duration:-  1-2 Days Grade:-  Easy Max Altitude:- 607 m Approx Trekking Km:- 6.6 Kms. How …

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Tips For Coffee Importers: How To Import Coffee From Brazil?

Do you know the leading coffee producer in the world is Brazil? Well, it can be surprising for you to not find Colombia at the top. However, it is a fact that Brazil is the largest producer of coffee beans, followed by Vietnam and Colombia.


Being the leading producer and exporter of coffee beans, Brazil has a reputation for producing reliable quality coffee varieties. About 80% of its coffee production is Arabica beans, which are of high quality and consistency. These qualities are important factors for coffee roasters. That’s why the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) has promoted sustainable practices, provided tools, and trained coffee farmers to boost the yield.


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